If I'm already an mPLUS Rewards member, will the mPLUS Points I've already earned be available in my Cricket Rewards account?

Yes! mPLUS Rewards are fully integrated across multiple applications, so any mPLUS Points you earn outside of Cricket will show up as a part of your mPLUS Points balance. Just make sure you use the same account information (such as your email address and phone number) to sign up for Cricket Rewards.

If you used the wrong account information to sign up for Cricket Rewards and need to merge your accounts, or if you used the correct account information but do not see your mPLUS Points merged into your new account, please reach out tocricketsupport@getmpoints.com for help.

Please note: If you were a Device Rewards customer who converted your Device Rewards to mPLUS Rewards, you now have the ability to view your mPLUS Points in My Account online. Just sign in and select Link Account in the Rewards section on the My Account overview page. Enter your Cricket Rewards username and password, and we�ll start showing you your mPLUS Points balance right there in My Account. Coming soon to the My Cricket app!

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